New Book!!

Hello Readers,

For the past year, I have been away writing, editing, and creating a book cover for my new book, Don’t Give Up On Us. This new book is the sequel to my first book, Don’t Give Up On Me, which garnered much interest from many of the youth I was honored to meet throughout this journey. As I continue writing this series, I would like to further a conversation about bullying, mental health, and body image issues in the communities where people of color reside. I understand that these are universal issues, but along with struggling to come up as a person of color we still have to struggle with societal pressures to fit in a world not accepting of us. Don’t Give Up On Us, picks up a year after Thea Blackwell left Edendale to recover from her suicide attempt and drug addiction. Upon returning to Edendale, Thea discovers that her leaving affected more than just her and now she has to rebuild the trust and relationships she broke. I hope you guys enjoy Don’t Give Up On Us and I look forward to reading your comments!

Thank you for all of the support,