Tanya M. Hazelwood

was born to immigrant parents from Mexico (mom) and Panama (dad). At age 22, Tanya wrote and published her first book Don't Give Up On Me, which placed runner-up at the Los Angeles Book Festival. She continues to write short blog posts. Tanya is set out to publish more literary work as well as eventually branch out into the TV and Film industry. Subscribe to this page and follow Tanya on her social media accounts.


Tatyana Hazelwood

At age 16, Tatyana is an aspiring photographer, actress, and Youtube star. She is responsible for all of the photography associated with the TanyaHazelwood.com site. The character of Tatyana Blackwell in Don't Give Up on Me is inspired by this young high school student.

Keep up with Tatyana on all of her social media accounts

Instagram: @tatyana._.marie

Twitter: @tatyanamarie12

Youtube: Tatyana & Tanya


Tenny Hazelwood

At age 44, Tenny is the social media and marketing manager for Tanya Hazelwood. Tenny oversees every detail and is responsible for any booking inquiries. He is also backup cameraman. 

Contact Tenny and find him on social media:

Instagram: @eltenny

Twitter: @eltenny

Email: eltennyh@aol.com


Anthony Franco

Cal State Fullerton student Anthony is an aspiring graphic designer, who designed the Don't Give Up On Me book cover. Anthony also sells individual art pieces on his instagram.

Find Anthony on social media:

Instagram: _anthxny_98